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Here you will learn about different aspects of programming.Get acknowledged with the right techniques in order to become a skilled programmer

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Salman Ali

Studying Computer Science at National University of Computer and Emerging Science. My interest areas are web and mobile development

I have a good amount of experience in subjects including Programming fundamentals,Data structures, Database and object oriented programming.My aim is to become a full stack developer.


I will be providing you online coaching along with helping material to deal with various kinds of programming subjects and languages. Here are few of them:

Programming Fundamentals

All fundamentals of programming knowledge will be discussed including variables, loops and if-else statements.

Object Oriented Programming

The concept of classes, objects, polymorphism and inheritence will be discussed.

Data structures

Here we will focus on implementation of different data structures including linked lists,queues, stacks and trees.


In database we will have an in depth study regarding Erd diagrams, sql queries, normalization etc.

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Sargodha road, Fast University Faislabad

Contact: +923116534272.